Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Alberta oil hits 100.00

And, Alberta is broke so, no budget before election.

The Conservatives figure Alberta is making too much so they have reduced Alberta Royalties to 19%. Conventional oil is now priced in Canadian dollars and not at the US equivalent. Still more losses. Their philosophy is “How much does Alberta need?” as opposed to “What is Alberta’s entitlement?”

Meanwhile they are blowing money like there is no tomorrow and for them, this may be the case.

Word has it that Stelmach will go into an election before he presents a budget to Alberta. This is because the lease money is down; the energy royalties are down at every level and he is still spending to get elected.

If elected again you can be sure that Albertans will be asked to dig into their pockets to pay off the big deficit these guys are creating. There is no way he will dig into the resources for the money he has already short changed us.

John Clark
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