Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alberta field requests for US power line

An exercise in PR in power export is underway. Perhaps, too late.

Trans Alta is publicly asking the Government to consider power export.
Meanwhile applications for power line extension to Montana are already in front of the AES0 (Alberta’s Electrical Systems Operator).

AES0 is a member of NERC the power standards marketing organization for the United States. One of NERC’s stated rules is the participating originations must remain completely open and honest and complete with the information they put forward to the public.

AESO has recently overhauled their computer system with the publicly stated view of allowing better operation.

In doing so, they have eliminated from public view those segments of the information that deal with the import and export of power to other jurisdictions such as BC (the US) and Saskatchewan!

Saskatchewan and BC have power for sale to Alberta. This power is available for viewing on the producer’s boards, not the public as they should be.

This allows producers in Alberta to run up their prices to gouge the public without tapping into the cheaper supplies in BC and Saskatchewan all without public complaint.

We have seen how the local crew pushed the prices from .05 kwh to 10.00 per kwh and how recently they moved the prices from 70.00 per mwh to better than 800.00 per mwh

AESO are clearly not in keeping with their agreement with NERC.

AESO is pushing the Government agenda to force up prices and hide information from the public.

I would love to hear a defense from AESO whom I respected to this point.
The members said “do it” will hardly be a defense.

If my readers can’t follow the reason it is enough to know you are getting ripped off severely and only a change in Government is going to cure that.

John Clark
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