Sunday, October 01, 2006

Why a jaundiced eye towards new health incentive.

In explanation of the pattern:

The parks and pick-nick grounds were built up with millions of taxpayer dollars prior to them being turned over to insiders for pennies on the dollar of value.

I say insiders because the process of selling was closed tender with the crown holding the final decision.

The Conservatives took control of all power lines in the province using the county of Leduc as an excuse. Because Leduc had a higher rate base because of power lines and were able to supply their schools way beyond what surrounding districts could do. Pressure was on the Government to provide a more reasonable funding for all the have not schools. The province then professed to seizing these lines to “equalize revenues to all school districts” and was accepted as a good thing through out the province.

Once they had the power lines they put in the student fees which are taken by the school of primary register and cannot be moved should that student go to another school.

This is a first step in the privatizing of shools. Train people to pay for their kids going to a specific school.

Taking all the power lines away from the municipality revenue base they were able to start their sell off of our power lines, our Alberta Heritage.

I have said in the past; this Government is a 1 trick dog and, it is hard to distinguish between them and organized crime except for the fact that crime may be actually organized.

This is why I view the Health program with a jaundiced eye and why I am begging people to get out and vote in the next election.

John Clark
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