Monday, October 02, 2006

Do it yourself oil royalty kit

There is an old red neck saying "BS beats Brains" To this end the Alberta Government has put up a figure it out yourself oil web site which, I haven't worked my way through and, it will more than likely take until after the next election before I can!

Do it yourself oil royalty kit

Remember the numbers they are trying to hide as you toil your way through this.
Developing oil sands pay 1 cent only on every dollar of oil they sell until the full price of their plant and construction is paid for.

Now, having reached the point where all their investment is paid back and their profit solidly in place, they pay 25 cents on every dollar of profit, that is after all the operating and political donations are paid.

Another point buried in there someplace is that Albertans own 81% of the oil production. Here, the would be saying that 81% of the oil production profit is paid through stocks and bonds. I have no figures but, I would estimate that 85% is prefered shares, out of reach for most people.

This sight has gone a long way to tell you how badly you are being screwed over. You should take the time to adventure!

John Clark
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