Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Compare Candidates

Time to compare some of the Candidates:

Victor Doerkson came out on the TV yesterday saying we should charge for water used which would promote saving. Well if the oil sands pay for their billion upon billion cubic meters they use, they deduct the cost from what the pay the province in royalities.

Agriculture remains the largest user of water in the province. Did he mean to exclude these people? Just weird, that’s all.

Then, to Jim Dinning who remarked to the media at one point the oil could stay in the ground until the oil companies agreed to upgrade the product in Alberta. Okay so far. Then he added something to the effect that the dinosaurs made the oil in the tar-sands. This is another grossly incorrect statement.

As conservatives go, not too bad that places him right in there with Stockwell Day and his 6000 year creationist belief.

Ted Morton
wants to disband the RCMP and go for a private police force. Stomp Stomp Salute! Being a long standing member of this Government he must feel the RCMP a threat to his personal wealth. Then he comes up with some somersaults on education to feed the oil patch. You just know he has thought this through!

Lyle Oberg is one of the better balanced candidates. Loans available to every one as students? OK. Forth year university subsidized? OK.

Ed Stelmach is still pushing the Alberta Firewall. How did he get this far? “Tackle growth by investing and implementing” What garbage is this? Create an Alberta Pension plan by cutting down the CPP. Dam, some of these people are just plain scary!

Dave Hancock is trying desperately to be centre of the road. He hasn’t come down for or against anything. Suspect he is not going anywhere.

Alana DeLong is coasting along nice with a warm feeling for all.

Ed Norris has come out strong and knowledgeable on a broad range of issues. He is the only one to endorse what all the Government paid studies have said, Seniors are being mistreated and their funding unreasonably cut.

Ed is saying if he becomes premier he will restore all the items cut from seniors programs. Then, perhaps the door will be open to allow seniors to stay in their own homes longer negating the need for long term care institutions. That would break Dinnings’s heart as in “There goes the farm.”

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John Clark
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