Friday, October 27, 2006

Individual safety sucks in Alberta!

Perhaps we can get our up and coming Conservative leaders to weigh in on law and order in this province. It sucks!

Situation 1:
Young lady is forced off the road onto the sidewalk by the high level bridge very late at night. The vehicle that forced her of was driven by a drunken woman. There was a collision. There was bodily injury. Police were called.

The police investigated and made their reports. Court day came for the drunken lady. She was charged with a much lesser charge, no mention of drinking.

The police after court were asked about this.

Police said there was no mention of drinking on the police reports. The police also said that neither of the hurt girls had said anything about the driver being drunk so, no drunk charges were brought forward. It appears here the victims have to demand police do their jobs.

The point being here; we are moving quickly to a vigilante system, all but encouraged by the courts and the police.

Situation 2:
Media these days is carrying the on going story of 3 youths who beat and stomped an older man to death. They are charged with misdemeanors because the man killed was down on his luck. I have to wonder if they were members of the conservative party.

Reports are also coming out about gang indoctrination being centered around roughing up a person sufficiently to make the papers.

Again it appears that armed seniors are the answer for self protection.

John Clark
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