Thursday, October 05, 2006


The weather document has a lot of good, current information in it. I can't let it die.

Bush wasn't the only guy covering up climate change implications! The Government of Canada and more important to us, the Government of Alberta burried climate change by calling any one who complained about the environment a "tree hugger" in the most critical manner.

This document was the first in the public media to map out the implication of climate change.

Google some time after this put in a program to locate and log original source material. They catalogued this letter.

For a year, any time you Googled "Weather" the first page that came up was this letter, posted on Welcome to Ralph's world.

After I left that site, some needed housekeeping was done and directories were changed. This letter was moved or deleted, I'm not sure which and the world wide listing for Google was lost for ever.

Lesson to be learned here!

John Clark
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