Thursday, July 06, 2006

Showing the difference between Alta and US system

In Alberta thanks to Dinning’s plan on electrical power, Albertans will pay for all power lines on their utility bills. However the US makes the companies more accountable. Do you want more of the same?

Quote Ohio Edison
There are seven different companies that have lined up to say that they would like to do renewable energy - wind energy - and if all seven of those companies did their proposed megawatts, it would totally overload the lines," Hagen said. "So they had to do what they call a TAG study - Thumb Area Generation study - which would tell them how much it would cost to upgrade the lines per company depending on how many megawatts they were putting in."

According to Tom Hiester, Noble project development director, the study is a cooperative effort by Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, International Transmission Co., and Detroit Edison.

That study, released Wednesday, tells each company how much they would have to ante up to help pay for those upgrades, Hagen said.

"I think when (the study's findings are released), most of the companies are going to end up saying it's way too much money and they're going to back out," she said.

There is a new power line across the mid province to hook with ATCO's proposed line running the lenght of the east side of the province to export into Montana.
Yes, you will pay for this on your utility bill (as it stands now).
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