Wednesday, July 26, 2006

PPAs- The inside circle

Many of the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are owned by The Power Corp. This is not an electrical company; it is the parent company of Great West Life. Mr. Mazankowsy is chair at Great West Life.

Many PPAs are unsold because they are natural gas driven and consequently too expensive to make a profit at. I ask you, why would the Power Corp hold onto worthless PPAs?

Nothing the Power Corp does is non profit! They are making money on holding these units. Is that part of the 192 million dollar a day brown out?

Yes, this is the same Great West Life sitting in the shadows to take control of our health care, picking up the paper from AOn, a non operational scam company.

These guys have a small profitable circle and they stick together like crap!

Sad to say but the only hope is to get rid of the Conservatives.

John Clark
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