Monday, July 03, 2006

58.5 Millions in profit out of your pocket.

Albert Energy Savings LP, your friendly Electrical Utility Company has declared atg 58.3 million dollar profit this year!

Don't forget that 60million dollars of taxpayer money went down the tubes, never to be accounted for. And, the Power Purchase Agreements sold at something less than an open bid were flipped several times driving up the cost of the utility. This is Mr. Dinnings free trade in blossem. Nope, he can't see any way to change according to himself.

Consider your once cheap electrical power was sold off by Jim Dinning and you are now paying the highest power rates in the country your choices should be made a little easier.

The question is, do you want more of the same or do you want a fresh look on the conservative party?

With Dinning in charge it will be impossible to elect a conservative.
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