Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Seniors problems are also your problem!

Seniors and family associates in trouble! Edm Sun

In Alberta, Senior Long term care is a disaster area. Long term care should be distinguished from palliative care in hospitals. The latter is referred to in the industry as “warehousing people”.

Rape, theft, food with held as a punishment tool, heat turned off in winter, prescriptions not filled because of funding, brutality and legislative exploitation is what seniors are facing in these facilities. If you can come up with 3500 dollars a month, you can do marginally better.

Klein’s conservative trickle down policies have not allowed energy revenues to trickle into the care of seniors. Chattel and monies that went to offspring in past generations as inheritance are being sucked away by Governments today. The pressures your parents and grand parents face in this area are ultimately to your detriment if you think it through.

The conservatives sell “business opportunity” to people to open these care centers. Politicians notably conservative are buying and opening these facilities for profit. The profit margins keep going up; the part that is left over for care goes down. There is very little assistance to keep people in their own facilities longer. Rather, the choice is made to seize their properties one way or another and force them into sub standard facilities as a penalty for living.

The Edmonton Sun has been moving forward with startling Journalism in the recent past. The run of articles by Jeremy Loome are very timely.

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