Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The phantom did it! Alberta's water system.

Inquiry into Sturgeon County on cisterns vis wells:

"There may be concerns over water wells in the Western section of the county due to gravel operations. However, we do not care if they go wells or cisterns. However, Alberta Environment may have put some conditions on the water in that area, we would have no idea."

Reply from Alberta Environment (Minister didn't know who to call!)
Thank you for contacting Alberta Connects.There is no provincial regulation restricting the drilling of water wells on acreages.However, some municipal districts and counties restrict acreage owners to installing cisterns and hauling treated water when their groundwater resources are insufficient to support subdivision development.

Here's a standing example of the "apron over your face; ball in the air" situation we have to work though as citizens in this province when dealing drinking water and any number of other things. If it all goes sour leave the door open for act of God.

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