Monday, May 15, 2006

To clarify my views on ATCO

Some clarity on my view of ATCO. This is a very respectable top end company which has attracted a lot of good people. Nancy Southern is an electrical engineer as is her father Ron Southern. Ron, knowing what a disaster for the public Ralph’s electrical program was going to be argued against privatization. Both in my view beyond any criticisms. (Obviously Ralph was more interested in moving resource into friends pockets than he was in the electrical system).

Peter Lougheed was hired for the Board as a political adviser. Some would call this a lobbyist. Mr. Lougheed has been a capable spokesman for ATCO, the publics view allowing him the positive political image. I recall when he was premier his picture would appear regular in the Journal opposite the Birks Jewelers advertisement. Positive reinforcement, which seems to have stuck.

Jim Dinning mixed in with this austere group of people is an incongruity.

John Clark
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