Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuition fees already too high!

Response to Letter to the Journal from Rene’ D. Benoiton, April 11th

Having two kids who are graduates I can attest to what you say! It is brutal! But, dig in! It is the job of Government to produce work forces to satff industry just as it is the job of Government to attract industry.

The same Journal was full of “shortage of work force” articles which are very correct. The Government will increase university tuition fees while dropping fees for trade schools. Remember Ralph saying he would promise an equal opportunity for education to every Albertan? He didn’t say what level. The government wants you in trades! The universities will go abroad for students which will pay four times more than you pay to get a seat in our university.

It was only a dozen years ago when Economic Development was telling industries looking to locate in Alberta that we did not have sufficient academic staff to run their plants. Academics were in short supply as were the more highly skilled trades.

That is just the way economy works; no faults.

John Clark
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