Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Its time to start working the Gazette!!

For what it's worth I see myself as a small "c" conservative. As such I think we should all exercise our right to vote and to stay informed.

The "Act" is the vehicle which enables the "Regulation" once an Act is opened anything at all can be changed in it! The stated purpose can be ignored! What is important to you and I is the Act is being opened. This is the time to find out what the politic are up to and expose hidden agenda or possibility.

The USA have a town hall hearing system and a 6 week response period. That is to say they call town hall meetings across their nation and interested people show up to hear about the new laws and are given an opportunity to respond.

In Canada a law change is run by "stakeholders" for their input. Then, it is written with these considerations into the new law. This law or changes to a law are published then into Gazette form be it provincial or federal.

The first publication takes place of the US town hall process.

Canada Gazette #1 is the title and is available by date. Link You have 60 days in which to respond to the law suggesting changes or telling the Government why you are for or against the law. This is about change!

After the 60 days have passed the law is either defeated by comment or is passed in its same format or; with changes in the Canada Gazette Part 2. This is the declaration of the law.

The Alberta Gazette is on the Alberta Queen's Printer site and it should be watched too. Crown land sales and so on appear in these documents as do sales or title changes water rights and any number of important things. This is the heart and soul of your province and country. Link

Yes folks it is a good time to bookmark these sites and vist them weekly. If you see anything which needs attention, please draw my eye to it.

Good Luck!
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