Friday, April 07, 2006

Alberta doomed to repeat past failure's.

I'm concerned about the line up of candidates for Ralphs job!

Preston Manning is first. It seems likAlbertans are still dwelling on the good old boy, folksy image to move them through their political quagmire. The very honorable Mr. Manning is a very active member of the Fraser Institute Link and has never made any bones about getting Government out of everything. User pays is the simplist argumentent that wins everything in this camp. These guys have a list to tell you how far gone your present system is. You can nearly hear the click of the boots!

In second place according to the Journal we have Jim Dinning who authored the program Ralph installed including the power debacle and the health care privatization. It is my thought that you get a bigger meaner smarter Kline if we go the Dinning route. He already owns a portion of the health care system as in the primary knee hip replacment hospital. (Nothing has been done for wait lists)

Getting Government out of everything means making private corporations to run departments then, make the department disappear. Private police service, private fire service, private penal systems. Private utilities in every aspect; private infrastructure as in building and maintenance and highways. Don't forget the water and sewer pipelines. Presently in the hands of municipalities.

Its all built around the trickle down idea. Its not good to say we don't give a dam idea.

No one who supports these political ideals has put forward a fiscal plan proving this course will cost less. In fact, every comparison to a public sector or civic owned resource shows on every scale the private system is much more costly in finance. That means you and I pay more!

It is my view we should look for someone who will undertake the task of recovering some of our billions lost under Ralphs run! On that score don't be lax; this guy is in office for another year! Keep an eye on the Gazettes!

After the wash is out it is who is a friend of who and how much will that party pull out of the taxpayer pocket.

That leaves the remaining contenders all under 3% support. I am looking for one of them to stand up and say they are small c conservatives; that they are ready to abandon and turn back the extremes of Kline and Dinning.
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