Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Report puts squeeze on Alberta's Wealth-the details

"Report puts squeeze on Alberta’s wealth" reads the Journal Headline in their Politic section. Ralph’s ink barrel is on a roll again under the management of a new PR guy. It is really too late for respectability!

The gist of the article is the premiers and feds wanted to talk about putting resources in the revenue sharing formula. Not just oil, but all resources! Ralph’s regular play to the media (who happened to be standing in front of him for the photo opportunity), he got up and walked out. We all know that story.

What I say is this:
Why does the Journal not include the population and electorate of Alberta wanting an increase in their royalty cuts? We suffer the lowest rates in the world and this crew will do nothing! The Journal will not print anything.

Why wait until this moment in time to give resource as a reason for walking out of the meeting?

This government is struggling for its very life and the Journal and Herald are on side with them! Instead of Ralph’s pre election rant of that "bad PQ bunch" or the "bad Feds who are always trying to do us in", they managed to dig out an old dead story, spin it and ramp it up into a headline as if it actually meant something! Such crap! (excuse me)

Welcome to Ralph’s world has some new and very lively bits up, worth a look!

I have some works in progress which will liven up debates; keep you minds on health care, water, sewage and electricity. That’s where the dollars are! That’s where the crisis is!

Any ideas for research and commentary?
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