Monday, April 10, 2006

Conservatives in real trouble!

Boy, are the Conservatives in trouble! It will be only luck that will allow them to be elected as dog catchers next time around! We still haven’t heard from a small “c” conservative.

Over the past 15 years the Alberta Conservatives and the Bloc have found a great partnership neither will let go of. On Quebec’s side there is the on going “Anglo populace of the Anti-French West” .

From Alberta’s side it’s the “Quebec or Ottawa are after our oil money” or “Quebec gets a better deal than does Alberta”

Trust me folks this is all agreed upon between both provinces before you see anything in the Edmonton Journal Link

There is a new PR man in charge playing the same old harp with a different tune. Rather than say Ottawa is the bad guy they are spinning Quebec as being the bad guy. It’s all a sham!

Mr. Mar in this article is quick to say in this article that Ottawa collects more taxes from the Tar Sands than does Alberta! Of course! Alberta collects less royalties than any one else on the face of this earth! That is your money he is not collecting!

Perhaps if the Conservatives would increase our royalties there will be less left for the Feds to tax???

Keep you eye on the Health Care and the Water pipe lines while you watch our resource dwindle away at rock bottom prices!
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