Monday, March 27, 2006

Transporation in big trouble in Alberta.

As we spin though the political wonder world with conversations of adding a new lane on the QE 2 highway, both directions, between Calgary and Edmonton we can wonder and the incompetence of this Government.

These people have withheld improvement and maintenance on the infrastructure of Alberta. This stoppage would have been turned on in anticipation of a much needed positive budget in hopes of a re election. Again, cause the problem and then offer the wonder cure.

With the mentality of this Government I am in awe at the possibility of a toll highway because it doesn’t show up in the budget, not because I have been given information in that regard.

Then, they bring on multi billions of dollars of construction in the McMurray area and push for more billions of construction for power lines. When you consider it, there is no state in the western world that has tried to float so many projects and this amount of money at once except perhaps the Hoover Dam in its day. Not only has it stressed Alberta to a point of being moribund it is causing negative waves reaching across Canada.

Had these projects been spread out and started when there was first a demand rather than hold off for a dozen years for the Grande budget the costs would have been much less and there would have been the manpower to do it!

We have the highest natural gas prices and the highest electrical prices in the western world! This coupled with a high Canadian dollar has effectively killed the majority of Alberta’s stand alone businesses and this Government remains unresponsive! How do you get new industry? This government is simply not interested in new business development unless it is power oriented1

Those people who sing the praise of the high Canadian dollar giving them more purchase power have not factored in the price of Transportation which is up 40% to 50% on inbound traffic all because of the same expenses plus the fact there is no manufacturing output in this province.

The Governments released numbers of 1.6 billion power line costing home owners 2.00 a month over 20 years is in a world of misinformation. The numbers don’t work! More on that in a letter following to the ministers.

I don’t think this is some horrible misadventure. I think this Government planned it this way to get people into the Tar Sands production.

On the financial world in general? I think we have hit a wall!
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