Monday, March 20, 2006

New PR people on the Job!

The Spin Doctors are busy again in Alberta. Rob Love is comfortable in Mr. Dinning’s company. Great minds etc. and new hands are on Ralph’s wheel.

Away for a week I see Ralph addressing a B.C. group telling them it is not his intention to ruin health care. Curious choice of words; “intention and ruin” rather than “guarantee” or more definitive English.

Definitive would lead to details of which they will not release any, like the new list of covered services being drawn up by the Calgary Health Authority and the plans to curtail the insurance company dips into public health care to pay for auto accidents and God only knows what else.

On another front the C.B.C. ran a program on Alberta’s Energy Boom. In this spot they interviewed a gentleman who spoke with some authority on “problems” associated with the oil boom (as different from the electrical pressures). He works for the The Canadian Institute who offers service in PR areas to Governments.

He touched on the debauchery of the Heritage Savings and Trust Fund which was spent away by this Government. He went so far as to say better information programs were needed because “Albertan’s can not connect the dots between the expenditures from the Heritage Trust fund and medical advancements in this province.

That would be because there are no such links or dots to follow!

The Governments change away from the ink barrel news papers to asture presentations on national TV has to be an excellent PR move.

Other image changes without change in substance are around us. Forestry was combined with Conservation and now it is a separate identity within Government again. New, neat sounding positions have been made. If you hear these bell tones often enough you will become mesmerized.

A “Sustainable Resource Agent” will now give you a fire permit rather than a “warden” Say this enough and you may think there is a Sustainable Resource Plan that includes more than industrial exploitation and Ralph’s close circle of friends.

Don’t think for a moment that Ralph is of a different political cut than Dinning! Its Dinning’s program that Ralph is following!
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