Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Honor the Institution? Yes.

I have been criticized for the way I address Klein and the Alberta Conservative Government. I am reminded they are an institution which people have fought and died for in two world wars. Therefore the proper reverence and all possible courtesy should be extended to them.

My response:
I fully respect the institution and would guard it with my life. I do not respect the people who have stolen this institution for their own use; their own agenda and I will communicate with them accordingly.

They totally blew as in absconded with all the monies in the near sacred “Alberta Savings and Trust Fund”. If there was pressure put on the bottom line of the oil companies the fund was always there for them.

For 8 years funding for infrastructure as in roads, water treatment etc was under funded to a point of being nonexistent only to be put up as “private industry” projects inviting ATCO and the likes to take over our water and sewer in our cities and towns.

Health Care posed a threat for obscene oil profits so privatize it after deliberately under funding it for a dozen years. Chase off the Doctors and Nurses. Short University Funding forcing them to fill Doctor’s chairs from out of country to receive the higher revenue. After totally trashing the system scream “shortage” and “cost”. Run out the millions for “spin doctor” press releases.

The whole thrust of their policies has been to provide as large a profit margin for the energy companies as is possible. This is achieved on one part by charging the lowest royalties in the world on the Alberta resources. We could charge four times as much for royalties and still be the lowest rate in the world!

Another part is to further subsidize these industries by charging the taxpayers for their natural gas; their electrical power lines and what ever else they may require of the base resource. In conjunction with the Federal Government they have succeeded in getting the oil companies a tax deduction for “future unknown losses.”

This crew has changed the electoral boundaries in this province allowing the rural vote 12 votes to 1 ratio over the urban vote. Challenged by Elections Canada they revamped the electoral boundaries to remain “just” legal.

They have taken the largest advantages we have in electrical production and distribution and turned it over to insiders at a loss of some 60 billions of dollars to Albertans! This was accomplished on a bed of deceit and lies while pushing the “good old boy” image of dear Ralph.

The Conservatives chose stone walling to discussion on their plans to totally privatize the health care system. Not just tweak it as they would have us believe.

The Alberta Conservative Government has practiced and continues to practice a program of misdirection and outright deceit of the general public.

These people are not the institution! They are in my mind gangsters who have taken over the resource and governance of this province and deserve absolutely no courtesy at any level. Respect is something earned!

They are creating a situation in which the nationalization of the resource industry and probably others, will gain more credibility. It is a dangerous path they lead us on!

John Clark
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