Saturday, March 11, 2006

A proper response to the Minister will take some work!

The Minister’s reply on the Health Care challenge leaves more questions than answers and still no details! I shall do some homework before I respond to her letter in point.

The costing needs lots of work! This Government has a habit of “disappearing” funds like no other in history except perhaps Eie Amin. Imelda Marcus at least had some shoes to show for her spending and give always!

Billions gone from the Heritage Trust fund, no accounting.
60 Billions Dropped in power grid transactions, no accounting.

More on Subject the blowing up of the Calgary Hospital; how did that effect the costs of health care?

Giving away the hospital that is now the Knee and Hip replacement hospital, then adding millions in up grades to it after it was sold; no complete public accounting.

Multi Millions spent in MRI and CAT scan machines that sit idle 75% of the time; all on the Health Care tab.

The population that grew up bathed in toxic solvents and the world of lead base paint are now moving into the “do I have cancer” group as are those people living beside the flares amid the denials of this Government that anything is wrong. Government trying to dodge the bullet?

I think a case can be made to charge the oil companies another 5% royalties along with decent management at the Government level would produce an excellent society in general.

Yes, I am going to dwell on a reply; seek some good council.

If any of you have ideas to contribute, please email me.

John Clark
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