Sunday, March 05, 2006

Missionary, Doggie and the Third Way

14815 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7
March 5, 2006

The Honorable Iris Evans,
Minister of Health,
107 Legislative Building
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

The Honourable Ralph Klein
Premier of Alberta
307 Legislature Bldg
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, ABCanadaT5K 2B6

Phone Number Fax Number
(780) 427-2251 (780)427-2251

Dear Ministers:
The details you have yet to divulge are so very important to so many people! The first way would be the missionary way, the second way would be the doggie way. Just which way do you subscribe to as the “third way”? We should know in detail on how we are going to get screwed!

What do you have built into the third way to ensure those people damaged by flares and industrial waste are going to be taken care of in your system? You have had the carcinogenic and mutagenic information on the well flares for many years. (My letter naming the Doctor who did the studies remains not answered but on record). I dwell here on your no smoking policies and see your programs as truly smoke and mirrors. The only people who got access to the information seem to be the insurance companies.

Also to mind, the Swan Hills Plant. We are paying some outfit 400 thousand dollars a year plus, to keep the doors open. Why? Because it will cost the taxpayers of this province billions more for a partical clean up of the surrounding area if it is closed. What is in your third way for the effected (affected?) people?

It appears to me the elderly and those people living next to refinery and incinerator projects are excluded by the very act of privatization and the limits put on coverage by the private health care insurance industry. What very small percentage of 30 year olds needs help in these areas?

Is this one big program to allow an escape clause for the oil and gas industry on damages caused to innocent people by their industry?

I ask myself why this crew would jump on Health Care before their convention. I know Ralph to be the political trickster of all time. Why would he orcastrate a live show in the Legislature to capture media? Why would this happen directly after I posted the note concerning the imminent privatization of all the water in Alberta?

My thought is you have more friends in the pipeline business such as Lougheed at ATCO than you do in the Medical Business like Dinning. You knew sooner or later you would have to fight Health Care and it would capture the hearts and minds of the population. This, even though you are prepared to railroad through your plans that will result in the total privatization of Health Care.

Your water scheme includes the movement of a large part of the Peace River south bound in Alberta(The fully engineered Weatherford Engineering Project) The Peace River is important as you need not fight down stream stake holders. Mr. Lougheed has said ATCO will not work for less than 11 percent profit. All of your projects given to your friends are cost plus so that percentage becomes very significant! We can look forward to 60% increase of cost in our water services.

When Leduc needed water it wanted to join with Devon. The province said no to this, they must sign on a deal with the City of Edmonton. It suits the long term plans. Leduc and Edmonton agreed being Conservative team players. The pipeline and pumping stations were moved into a private company with members of both communities on the board. The only thing that prevents this board from selling their pipeline and water supply to ATCO as an example, is a meeting and cabinet approval. Voters don’t get a say until the next election. This all sounds so familiar!

Your two faced policies are nothing short of pure absolute deceit. No InterBasin transfer is the public position even while you start this same practice!

Communities with water treatment facilities are coerced into signing on with your plan and putting that town’s water on your private grid or, the town will get no support for its treatment plant.

I think there is room for more than one debate on the table! Considering you plan on privatizing every aspect of our public service, the sooner we get the details the better.

I don't understand where the billions of dollars that was once the Heritage Trust fund went to. Can you publish a list of your achievements with this money?

I still have not received a reply as to where the missing 60 billion dollars from the privatization of our power lines went to. Let’s get some information on the move!

John Clark
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