Sunday, May 26, 2019

Australia's suprising Conservative win

Going against all the polls, going against the common thread of popularity, the Conservatives were elected again.   Notably, just after installing the Bell Media G5 network into @Australia.  I have no way of telling how many of the print media is owned by Bell but with this showing, I suggest the majority of them! 

In Canada, Bell media owns 200 print papers which means if you are checking say, Financial Post or Globe Media, for your financial information, you are getting the Conservative wish list, not facts!

They have interfered with all the provincial elections.  Kenny, for instance, didn't win in Alberta he stole the Government with the Assistance of Bell Media and their hose of print media.  The conservatives though a mountain of lies now have enough population and provinces to force changes to our constitution regardless of who wins.  They are in every sense, stealing our country!

Don't let the same thing happen to Canada!

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