Monday, October 05, 2015

Notley's statement "limited future for the oil sands"

It has to be said!

The #oil glut presently in place will not go away for a dozen years, possibly more.  Alberta keeps producing 200,000 barrels of oil per day; has built an 80 million barrel tank farm to store it in,  Banks don't pay for oil in storage.

The reason for the glut is simply the destruction of markets and the unrelenting production.  Alberta's continued production adds to the oil glut!

The world has had a wake up call on the environment.  We are in crisis!  Norway to whom we are often compared is moving away from oil production and looking for alternative industries.  Likewise many other countries, some more than others.

Notley has to be commended for speaking the unpopular  truth!  I don't agree with all of her choices.

Whether we can afford to live in this province remains to be seen.

Another item making the rounds in the news is the idea we should capture our evaporation from fuel and fuel tanks and spend very big bucks trying to locate miniscule leaks in lines and tanks. Where to start and where to Call BS!

Oil storage tanks are filled from the bottom and the upper part of the tank is immediately filled with fumes.  Just think; a million gallons of fumes in a new, smaller size tank.

Al product is put into the tank, the fumes are forced out the vent put in the top of the tank for that purpose.  The vent also keeps a positive pressure on the tank so it doesn't suck any air in causing an explosive atmosphere.  How are you going to capture and contain those fumes any better than we are?

When you fill gasoline into your vehicle or diesel fuel the latter the more dangerous of the two you will notice an 8 cm rubber washer on the top of the pump nozzle.  This is there to keep a vapor rich area around your gas tank or diesel tank.  Splash filling a tank is extremely dangerous!  Gasoline has an additive in it that allows generated static electricity to discharge across the surface of the gasoline in the tank to the sides wile the vapor rich area will protect from any haphazard spark.  The whole gasoline fill system from the service station pump to the gas receptacle in your vehicle is built for your safety while letting vapor escape so fuel can get into the tank.

Beware of people who are jumping on the environmental bandwagon; Parkland Institute comes to mind.  The fixes need if not impossible are most certainly expensive.
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