Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Notley Vis Klein and the Electrical power.

When @Ralph Klein privatized the electricity in this province businesses of all kinds packed their bags and left.  Sunland Biscuits on the Yellowhead Trail closed their doors and moved to Brampton Ontario.  Until this time they were shipping 5 -10 truckloads of cookies to Brampton prior to this singular catastrophe.

The well established fiberglass plant at Nisku lasted a year longer but, they gave up the ghost too and left Alberta.

An Air Conditioning manufacturer in Calgary employing 200 people  closed their doors overnight and moved their plant to Minneapolis where they undertook to manufacture heat exchangers for the tops of buildings.

Now, hungry  for her moment under the Sun, Rachel Notley had declared she is going to do away with coal fired electrical generation!  Unless she plans on going Nuclear and I don't think that is the case it means a doubling of our electrical power bills in a very short period of time.

Now, she has announced she is going to New York to look for new business on the strength of much  higher electricity costs and marginally cleaner air.

90% of the world's electricity is generated by burning coal!  What she is saying is she is prepared to go up against the world in energy pricing and hopes to bring in new business because of it.

There is new technology and emerging technology, the latter still in the labs looking for a province or country to support their research.  It is all about Carbon Capture in an actively burning coal plant; pulling Carbon Dioxide out of the smoke stack.   This is a good time to mention that Alberta is blessed with far more than our fair share of coal much of it not opened yet.

The NDP have elected to pay the billions for the carbon dioxide pipeline started by the Conservatives.  According to Notely again this is because too much money has already been spent on the lines.  Yet, there is not sufficient carbon dioxide to fully utilize the pipeline.  The NDP have hung their hat on the Shell Peace River operation for Carbon Dioxide but that project is for sequestering the gas in the lower reaches of the aquifers and it is a long way from the path of the carbon dioxide pipe she has supported.

This can only go two ways.
The first, she has no intention of doing away with the coal generation; it is all for show on the world stage.  Or; she can invite one of the start up or even mature carbon dioxide collectors to join the fray in Alberta and truly become a world leader even making money on the development.

All in all;  I think she is taking some very bad advice!

PS: An interview in the press yesterday has Notley telling the news guy she would never do any thing to hurt Albertans.  By her standards she will happily kill us with kindness.
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