Monday, October 12, 2015

Devon AB New Walking Trail improvements Oct 2015

 Top of new Stairway. Simply put; wonderful. Posts on right start of railings.
 Very quality workmanship for a fine effect. Posts for railings to the left
 Spacing; height and distances presents stairs as a stroll.  Bottom corner will be a bench.
About 200 steps in total
 Old trail down to the stairway
 New paved trail adjacent to the River-Sign is a reminder to pick up after your dog!
Corner on New Pathway showing more of the Quality that went into this project
 River view from the wonderful paved trails
Another River View from the trail.
 Loki into River Bank on trail of a mouse.  Loki is the Original Giant Decker named after the breeder Jack Decker. Color makes him invisible in the bush. His interest is squirrels and ground beasties.

 Loki will tunnel himself in until just his tail shows.

 On the stairs standing next to post in place to accommodate new railings.
Trail leading to the Stairs.  This appears to be fine road crush or  paved.

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