Sunday, May 03, 2015

Why to vote $$ summary

A 1% increase in taxes is hardly a choke! #Notley unlike her BC and Saskatchewan name-sake (not part of her ideal or party) has laid out for the world to see an ideal, well through-out even non-partisan plan to Govern and vetted as viable by Conservative hawks.

If you are a merchant making more than 150.000 a year profits you will pay an additional 1%. 

But that same merchant should worry about where his customers are going to come from! Alberta has the highest percentage of working poor in the western world! How many coins do you think they have to drop in your store? 

Better you worry about the well-being of the population at large than the corporations who have sucked billions, even trillions out of Alberta.

Think! The Conservatives have gone through much more than 700 billion dollars from the Heritage trust fund; flushed through the General Revenue account.

They have discounted our oil bound for the Gulf Coast by 30%; this according to High Commissioner Stewart Beck addressing India, posted on Financial Post. That is 30% ripped out of the pockets of producers in this province and the province to satisfy Conservative values. That, over 15 years would amount to Trillions lost revenue.

The Wild Rose Party had always (over 20 years, yes; I have known them) had the policy to do away with the transfer payments.

They have never had it out front until Harper put his election sharks in to run Danielle Smith's campaign. So that gives us an idea where Harper is at too. It’s part of his rather successful unite the right campaign to which he puts a lot of effort into.


This is a myth perpetuated by Western isolationists and separatists.

It’s our federal tax dollars, just like those of all Canadians, that are pooled together and shared with the provinces and territories. And Alberta is scheduled to get about $5.5 billion dollars from Ottawa in this way in the next fiscal year, or $1,600 per capita (the same per capita as BC & Saskatchewan, BTW). So this remains an important shape of their party.

Another perpetual lie that has moved to the forefront is Stelmach's "New Royalty Regime" .pdf. It was the eve of his election; royalty review was the election hot button. The Conservatives released this .pdf with sky-high impossible numbers to inflame the voting public. It had no foundation in realism. Oil companies chipped in with the best bit of theatre this province has ever seen and all of a sudden this scrap of pure garbage became the street value truth. It was all a lie! 

There was one line in 6pt print on the bottom of the page "All royalty taken in Canadian dollars" This was a loss of 18% to the province at that time. Wild rose are trying to spin it as a real effort as are different parties in Calgary. At the time I posted there is nothing in this document for Albertans! 

Kevin Taft was in line to become the next premier. His party was 600,000 dollars in debt, He refused to engage in the royalty debate and tried to redefine the election issue. Stelmach won and the Liberal Debt was paid off. He threw the election! That crew of cronies are not part of the Liberal executive anymore!

The Conservatives have known about the danger of the High River Flood for 15 years or more. They did nothing about mitigation and they could have done. They did nothing and you are now paying 30% more on your house insurance for years to come if it ever comes off!

Prentice has added 30% to your electric bills (forever?) There are over 2 million meters spinning in this province. That return them over 1 billion dollars in revenue every 2 years! As Prentice said "You are making good money you should not complain about paying more"
There is only 1 choice that is well thought out and for good reason and that is the Alberta NDP in a majority Government. We can set this wreck of a province back on is feet.

Go to Alberta--The Details top post up is the to 70 political donations from 2004 and 2010. You will find how shallow WRP donations are. Some people are expecting something back from their sure-thing bet. Possibly their private dynasty.

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