Tuesday, May 19, 2015

West coast pipelilnes

Kinder Morgan took a look a what Alberta was paying to get oil to the Gulf.  It worked out at the time to .50 cents a barrel by pipeline and 2.50 per barrel by rail.

They were never accused of being slow up the uptake and seen a lot of pipeline gold sitting on the table for anyone to take!

The put their proposals forward to the oil industry who were in no way tethered by costs or restrictions under the Conservatives.   These proposals were very high, some would call it a ripoff but really it was all the market could bear!   Syncrude was the only company to complain about the exorbitant pricing!

Now, Kinder Morgan wants to tell Premier Notley what the pipeline is all about!  Who could have guessed?

Ted Morton whom I never ever thought I would agree with, has a proposal to move oil through a pipeline following more or less the rail lines to Prince Rupert.  Prince Rupert is unquestionably the finest port on the west coast of North America!  

It is built on an underwater precipice dropping hundreds of meters sheer down,  Possibly more!  This would accommodate the world's largest supertankers in a hazard free environment.

As I see it we have an interest in the marketing  of the oil.

I say the #NDP give @Ted Morton an audience before she takes any take it or leave it meetings with #Kinder Morgan who have proven they are strictly in the rip off what you can business.
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