Monday, May 18, 2015

The Medicine Hat News distinguishes its self by blocking  IP addresses on their political news.  

In my situation, I caught Brian Jean out in a popular lie telling people of the previous disastrous Royalty Revies by Stelmach.  I poined out in a post, rather nicely I thought, that there never has been a previous royalty review and Brian Jean was simply misleading people to make his case (whatever that was at the time.

This was the second time they blocked me having no regard for he fact I had paid the cash they demanded to join in discussion on their paper.

This means paying them for access by no means guarantees you will have access.  If in fact they disagree with your position on any subject their first tool in their shop is block your access.

It is my experience (considerable) that any news available on the Medicine Hat paper is readily available on any other major paper a better bang for your buck.

They even sent me an email with a false contact email on it for use if I should encounter problems.

Any coin you spend on this paper is at risk!

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