Friday, February 28, 2014

Alberta Insurance

If you havn't noticed already, your insurance premiums on your home and business are going up by 6 times or more!

When  you consider they are doing away with the 300 deductible that has been the stay for Alberta home owners for years and are jumping into a 2500 compulsory deductible while increasing your premiums by 30%  you have to wonder how much money they are going to make on the recurring flood at High River!

There are 1.5 million homes or more in Alberta now.  This is billions of dollars a year insurance companies are pulling in as extra revenues!.

They are taxing weather disasters heavily whether or not they are disasters.   Example: what is the chance of a flood in a home that is 600 feet above the river bed and 85 feet above the water table?  The answer is no chance at all.

And, the lists go on.

At fault in all of this is the Alberta Conservative Government who have for years ignored and poo pawed the chance of flooding in High River Alberta.   The town did not get its name by pulling a name out of a hat!

This same gutless Government is allowing new builds on flood plains with no protection for the people building .

The thing is that in the Conservative world the insurance companies make the rules with no oversight.  Alberta Government and Insurance organizations meet regularly. The latter support the Conservatives in their plans.   Also they pay the Government 3% of their gross revenues  as part of doing business in the province.

Why in hell people continue to support Conservatives is  mind boggling.  We must have the biggest population of retards in Canada!

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