Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Canada Immigration plan in action!

And, we have arrived! Tie this in with Ottawa's move on immigration changes and you have the whole story and can see the outcome clearly.

Minister Kenny explained he was going put in a system where employers in Canada could match up exactly with tentative employees in the US and elsewhere. In other words do away with the vetting now in place.   When a selection is made the person in the US gets and immediate Canadian citizenship. Now the oil companies have their office set up in Edmonton to put out the orders for the workers in the US. The workers arrive pre-screened and pre-cleared.

The industry tells us most of these people do not have a grade 12 education and are not properly vetted. So may will have records that would not allow them into Canada let alone get a citizenship!
 As it is written up a person from the US could serve out their sentence in Canada's oil patch and come away with a citizen ship!

Canadian citizenship bought and sold express, Conservative style. The company bringing them in has no responsibility to them as would a church or organization bringing in people from abroad.

The article explains they are bringing in a number of workers with with grade 12 education and less and are glossing it up as them having taken a 4 year brain surgeon course.  They are  young, unemployed and good for little else than the oil patch.  We have 20,000 of them already!

Most of these people do not pay taxes in the US or Canada!

The "new" system is completely abandoning the old system which demanded proper vetting. The start of the Canadian Energy Strategy!

What happens if one of these young men get up here, work a month and quit? Well you will have still another person on EI, untrained and looking for work while the company goes to the US for still another body!

In all of this there is no revolving door opening for Canadians who may want to work south of the border! Highly skilled workers who have opportunities south are still mired down with their Green Cards and mountains to climb.

Another example of policy being put in place to cater to a province owned and operated by the resource companies! 

Join with me in supporting the Alberta Liberals and get a handle on this runaway insanity!

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