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Alberta Election 2012-Who to Trust?

There is a contest in the province and the Conservatives and oil companies would like you to think it is between the Wild Rose Party and the Alberta Conservatives.  But, that is just not the truth!  The Liberals are running a strong third place and will be second before another two weeks passes and will quite probably be the next Government at the end of 28 days!
million dollars
We are being ripped off by more than $400 thousand per day, 365 days a year!  We are about to lose our public school system. We can be held responsible for Government and resource screw ups; they go free.

Read on and get out there and vote!

Pundits say this blog is too long to hold an Albertans interest.  I'm pretty sure Albertans will take out of it what they want and pass it on!

This legendary election has every chance of ushering in the Alberta Liberal Government and putting the Wild Rose Party out of its misery!

On Revenue:  The Conservatives and Wild Rose parties are both centered on spending cuts.  Both will usher in Private Schools all but doing away with the Public School System paid for by tax dollars.  Big Savings! (See below)

Both will wipe out the pubic health care system as we now know it!  The Conservatives made a a list of services to be de-listed  (not paid by health care) This was done by the Capital Health Authority at the same time the Klein Drop outs who are now in the WRP camp were driving the privatization wagon.  Danielle Smith refers to Sweden as being a health plan which "may" offer a solution.  Otherwise she will go to her US roots and bring in a US system same as the Conservatives.  See 

The existing Alberta Health care system costs only a fraction of the system they want to bring in the difference being under the planned system, you will not get full coverage even privately; private companies can cancel without reason and will do so readily.

You will not be able to pay for your health care unless you are working otherwise, prices are huge plus the polices and your experience from work cannot be transferred to your own private coverage unless it is a bad experience in which case you can’t hide it.
Bottom line is the taxes will pay nothing; Big savings!

Health Links very much worth the read: 1,; 2,; 3,; 4,; 6,

School System The Conservatives have been moving towards a Private School system for the last decade.  Both parties are advocating big cuts to expense, all coming out of your pockets by direct payment or by adding to the payroll costs.  Again, both parties are on the same page.

Over the past decade the Conservatives have trained Albertans by having them direct their school taxes to a school of their choice.  As in a Private School System if you changed your mind, the money stayed with the first school of your choice.  Now, Albertans think this is just the way it’s done!

The Conservatives continue to build schools on the P3 plans.  This makes them private properties which can be bought and sold at will. These same schools are routinely built too small.  At some point very soon parents will have to make choices on where to send their kids or should they stay in the overcrowded school.  You will be very surprised and feel lucky when a new, private school opens near you.

A broader easier routine was set up to start private schools and a curriculum that could be changed by those same schools. “What is the drawback?” you may ask.

Private schools have the option of cherry picking students as well as excluding those who do not meet their self determined bench marks.  This allows them to score higher on achievement tests and then propaganda think tanks can then falsely claim that private schools are better, more efficient etc.

This serves to gut the public system that accepts all students but the increasing proportion of the remaining students do not have the same opportunities in many cases as those in private and religious schools.  That way poor schools can get punished and claims can be made that teachers are in it for themselves, that that is the fault of their strong unions.

Drive past the Webber Academy and have a browse at their palatial grounds, gates and all.  Go to their website and look at the prices they charge, strict admission but they still collect 70% of the money of public schools.  That 70% garnish could be used to provide support services to special needs students and to students and their family who are in crisis for whatever reason.

In the view of one experienced teacher:  In my teaching experiences, there was no support for families in crisis when 10 year olds brought vodka coolers in their water bottles or  when 10 year old girls were picked up for hooking in their communities.

The argument is that these schools are giving parents choices, and isn't it a great province??? 

All schools are not equal yet the financing model is equal.  Social programs have been gutted and the tough on crime agenda proponents are waiting in the tall grasses to get aroused and pounce on many of these disadvantaged kids and haul their sorry butts to jail. 

Then they can get the education that they missed in their youth.  What a system we have!

Private schools cost a great deal more than do public schools thereby reducing the cost of Government.

Balance of Payments:  The politics of the 1920s now up to date with the WRP and the Conservative Majority.  The thing here is the US doesn’t have such a system and view ours as being a hindrance to their competitiveness.  The Conservatives are joined at the hip with the US Republicans!   Their civilian voice is the Fraser Institute which, like PNWER has more American members than Canadian.  Some may call both subversive. They are more Republican Organizations than Conservative.

The things that make Canada, CANADA are on their way out under Conservative Governments!  Really folks, there is not that much left now!  Another decade may show us as another 5 States of the USA!

INCOME:  Both Parties being Conservative view as necessary to make the province run on the income tax, licensing and other costs they have agreed with the oil companies on as being business costs. Both have said they are going to increase corporate and personal income taxes to levels competitive to other provinces.  Get more money from taxation.  Yes, Resource companies will pay more taxes too  but because of their high profits more probably pay zero on a scaled tax. (Remember them saying do away with the flat tax?)

Both Parties are being paid for and are working at the convenience of the Resource companies.  In return they have reduced our royalty to zero.  It has moved down from 25% on a completed plant to zero now with the Alberta taxpayers paying the oil companies for the plants, construction, water, roads and power lines.  We are paying them to take the oil from the province! 

The oil companies are backing both parties; it means billions in profits to them annually. They don't care which wins!

What the numbers mean:    Saskatchewan and BC collect 20% royalty on their resource. The Tar Sands output produces 1.6 million barrels of oil per day on average.  (Production is way down now due to plant shut downs and repairs; Suncor have shutdown parts also but hasn't told the public.  Conservative lies about increased production are just that; lies). 

Using 100.00 US per barrel and collecting the same royalty as BC and Saskatchewan, Alberta is losing $322 thousand dollars per day on tar sands alone! Another 90 million dollars would come from Gas and Conventional Oil!  

Over 400 thousand dollars a day ripped off the people of Alberta!

 The Government won the last election because Albertans did not figure they could change anything with their votes!  Consequently 22% of the eligible vote gave the Conservatives this major majority!  If Albertans turned out, we would not have these problems!  The Conservatives would have been defeated! 

Legislation:  The Conservatives have put in to all legislation this past 4 years the catch that the Ministers of the Government and the Government cannot be sued for anything, no matter what! 

This is in their health care, finances; everything as individuals they are responsible for nothing!

The most outstanding is the CCS Carbon Capture and Sequestration legislation.  Individuals in Alberta are ultimately responsible for any death or destruction that comes from this program not the Government or the Oil Company!

The program itself is a sham that puts at risk the Alberta Pension Funds invested in it!  The gas is collected, pumped down Hole #1 into the oil strata where, as a solvent it mixes with the oil.  It then returns to the surface through Hole #2 with the new oil.  Reports from Weyburn Sask. Say “It vented for hours ahead of the oil, sounding like a jet engine”.  So, down one hole and up the second taxpayers pay for the new oil; oil companies collect the profits.

Conservative News comments are now being plagued with nonsense posts same as the Federal Conservatives used on CBC last election.  Nonsense names (usually 3 to 6) will jump on the board and type in nonsense comments; prattle back and forth.

This means only they are covering up a comment they view has harmful to the party. This prattle moves it two screens down or more depending.   So, if you notice this type of thing go back into the comments further and you will see what they are trying to hide.

If Albertans continue to vote the same way over and over they can not reasonably  expect any thing different in the outcome!

The NDP vote in this province remains a protest vote.  It was; it is and it will be for years to come!
The Alberta Party simply does not exist yet.

Join me in voting Alberta Liberal making them the new Government of Alberta and set this province once again to be at the service of the people in it!

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