Thursday, March 22, 2012

Biased Conservative paper restricts comment

Record Levels of Production?  The Tar sands have been curtailed by 1/3 for months and will be for more months!  Conventional Crude remains flat.  There are more unemployed in Alberta at this time than for years previous!  

The article is one to put a happy face on a disastrous province on the eve of an election!

We have more Americans working in oil than Albertans or Canadians for that matter. Challenged with this fact the Conservatives rushed to make it possible for those thousands of Americans unregistered in our oil industry to receive immediate Canadian citizenship see 

The industry would rather pull in the unemployed from Oklahoma and Texas than take the time and expense to train up Canadians and Albertans!

Any increases in employment came at taxpayer expenses when the billions dollars a year program was put in by Alberta to allow oil companies to drill dry holes. This scheme allowed  Companies to take home a million dollars a hole while workers picked up 1 weeks work in 3 or 4 marginally the same as EI would pay if they were legal and able to collect it!  Your tax dollars at work.

It should be noticed this was a window where Albertans could have been trained but was rejected out of hand by the oil industry.

Our royalty is down to zero. When compared to Sask and BC who bring in 20% US we are paying the oil companies to take the resource from the province! 

The production of the tar sands is on average 1.6 million barrels per day. So you can track what we are loosing; At 100.00 US per barrel of oil we loose 322 million dollars per day in royalty!
Things as they are in the middle east we will see 200.00 oil which is a loss of 600 million dollars a day!

A new hospital was completed in Fort Saskatchewan recently at a cost of 75 million dollars and  touted as very expensive.  We could build 3 of these hospitals every day if we were collecting a competitive royalty!

There is no boom!  There is more than our share of the fluff of propaganda such as this article.  The leases sold on tar sands do not mean immediate build.  The first won't be started up for more than 6  years; it will be on the table for the next election too.  Others are stretching into the 25 year window.

Add to this new power lines to be paid for on your household tabs and the workers will be the Tennessee Linemen! 

Albertans cannot vote the same way every time and properly expect a different result!

I will be supporting the Liberal Party of Alberta this election!

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