Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alberta Conservatives stalling election to legalize Americans already here.

Three weeks ago it was introduced into the web there were more illegal Americans working in Alberta's oil patch than there were Albertans!

The Federal Conservatives worked out a deal where a direct citizenship could be given to a party if they wee invited to Canada by an employer

The Link also provides the Canadian counterpart to this new immigration law.

They have  created a law in order to legalize all the illegal workers in the oil patch and open the door for a flood of people to enter Canada without being properly vetted.

Redford is holding off calling the election until the Oil Companies can line up 20,000 illegal Americans with sparkly new Canadian Citizenship under this new law!  If successful it could mean another 20,000 votes she presently cannot access!

In Canada's history nothing this blatant has ever happened!
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