Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wild Rose Party Fanitics show their colors!

Daniel Smith, the mouth piece for this crew of Southern Mormans has declared the state funded health care system is the fault of today's health care predicaments.

She does not bother to say that under that system if you have no job you have to health care!

She does not say that Seniors in the US are frightened out of their lives by their Medicaid being underfunded and, they have no other means.

She does not say there is presently 55 million, soon to be 70 million Americans that are without any kind of health care coverage at all and are unable to obtain even the most rudimentary care and medications.

Obama's Health Care Reforms were defeated by the Daniel Smiths of the south.  Why any one in their right minds would entertain voting for this bunch of extremes is beyond me!
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