Friday, December 03, 2010

Alberta Health Care - Conservatives all over the world privitize health care!

Dr. Terri Jackson, a professor in the University of Alberta’s faculty of medicine and dentistry who has a doctoral degree in health policy writes in her extensive letter, how conservative governments around the world “break trust with the electorate by using their powers illegally.”
Some governments do so by starving the health system of funds, making public care so inadequate the public reluctantly turns to private health care for services.

This is what the Alberta Conservatives have done with programs over the years.  Blowing up hospitals is one way to short services.

As a PS, this is an example of the system  The Conservatives are putting us into!

Stelmach recently said "There is no hidden agenda"  meaning there is sufficient publicity around their intent to privatize health care that it is no longer a secret.

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