Sunday, December 19, 2010

Alberta Health Care – Some not so apparent facts

Alberta’s hospitals have in the past been owned by the Members of the Board of that hospital, not the Government.

Recent changes to the Health Authority did more than moving the Health Care from Capital Health to the more aggressive Regional Health Authorities! When this transition was done, the title for the hospitals moved away from the boards and directly onto the new Authorities! It makes it possible for the Health Authorities to sell all or any part of the Alberta holdings to the private sector without the approval of the Assembly!

The plans for privatizing health care and moving us to a US style system have been in play for many years.  It is not a new thing!  To the contrary, it has been the Conservative's plan going back 40 years and they are now in the position of completing it!

Even when rolling in cash, the Conservatives continued to short Health Care and it was always their first choice to cut when times got a bit skinny.  Shorting money closes beds and curtails services.

You may recall the last Government being sued a few times because of this shorting and manipulation of services?

This has left this Government more vulnerable that it was in the past so they wrote “The crown cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong under this act” into the new legislation which also opened the door for foreign and private companies to sell health insurance into Alberta.

The Alberta Blue Cross is one of these private companies and, they have doubled their staff in the last 3 years in anticipation of insuring Albertans in the private system.

The Capital Health Authority authored a document that gave a list of which services to delist on the Alberta Health Care.  This list adopted the Oregon “Services not Covered” list and it was made even leaner and meaner because the US Oregon system was seen as to frivolous.

Some of this is in effect already.  Seniors prescriptions are being co-pay to a greater extent as time goes on, soon to be eliminated if these guys are elected again.

I mention the seniors prescription predicament and the erosion of Government support because that is exactly what is going to happen to your Alberta Health Care Coverage!

First Private practice funded by the Government.  Next limit the amount of coverage by the Government and finally, do away with Government health insurance. All the structure is in place to do exactly this, right now!

The Conservatives, trying to spin this out are trying to create a aura of being our friends when they started the MS study.   Many things they are talking about, MS study and combined pensions with the Federal Government comes to mind for the most immediate part of the charade. 

None of these things will come to pass until after the next election and I predict they will be swept under the carpet and the private system and private insurance will come into full effect!

The Wild Rose Party is also pushing the same private system.  This party was born in the circles of the Southern Mormon community and this community remains the core of the group.  These fundamentalists were born and raised with an umbilical to Salt Lake City, abstinence, tithing and the private health insured system.  In this regard their leadership is simply a shill for a similar political agenda.

This month’s publication of Vanity Fair has an article about the Taliban fundamentalists.  It goes onto explain the Taliban cannot win the current contest because they continue to tell people what they are against and do not tell them what they are for but, they will still be around a long time.

I was born in Cardston.
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