Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alberta wants a total US system installed before next election!

Stelmach's ire is in a different direction than ours.  He wants to get health care totally onto the US system before an election is called.

Indisputable facts:
Capital health Authority made a list of what is to be take off Alberta Health Care coverage. This was patterned after the Oregon non insured list but made even leaner and meaner.

Blue Cross has increased their presence in Alberta by more than doubling their staff.   We are now a virgin market for Health care insurance.

The Minister of Health recently told us that Stephen Duckett had other uses.

Stephen Duckett was accredited with installing US Health Care  Insurance Companies into Australia.  He left there before they could lynch him.

Australia tells us not to go down this road as once these same Health Care Insurance Companies are installed, you can't get rid of them because of the huge buy  backs involved.

The boomer crisis is BS!  

Most of the health care costs are directed to the young 18 to 40 years who go into hospital for the expensive operations and longer stays.  Most of these are  due to life style.

The Democrat health care reforms were killed in the US by the Health Insurance Industry who, have more money than the US Government!   They are hard at work in Canada all selling health insurance in Canada.

Alberta enacted legislation to allow these people to sell health insurance and they promptly opened up Canadian Health Insurance companies to look after the lucrative business.
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