Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alberta Conservatives: A Government run on lies and deception.

For starters, the Alberta Sustainability Fund was a 100% PR program.   At best it is an index of borrowed money.  In reality it was a plan to draw on AIM collateral to borrow or siphon money out of.   

You can understand why Alberta fought so hard against a Federal Securities Regulator!

Much of Alberta Pensions under direct or indirect control of the Conservatives  are riding in  this!

The Conservatives used this jargon to convince Albertans they had a plan! We all know better now.

We are paying hundreds of Millions on Centrifuge operations in Mildred Lake and our conventional oil royalty is down to 5% Canadian$. (Compare that to 30% US of our neighbors)

They want us to fork out a billion for a pipeline to the coast to supply India with oil. You will not Stelmach did not ask, he said he was going to do it so, dig in.

And finally, the outright lie of us making money on the CCS 2.4 billion dollar lie.
It has been flushed out that the CCS is being paid by  taxpayer who gets stuck with 100% of that bill. However they will proceed and you will pay!

Our royalty take is the lowest in the world's history!  If there is a chance there will be money made it will be used to further reduce royalty.  It is a no win system under the Conservatives.   

The Wild Rose Party offers no different except for their push to stop balance of payments; making Quebec the villain in their campaign. 

In truth, the Conservatives are the only thing that is putting this province at risk!

If you are still stuck on Conservative, you are doomed!

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