Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alberta Health Care:- A lot to consider.

Privatized COD type Health Care has long been the holy grail of the Conservative Party.   They are dug in to put Alberta on a US system, like it or not.  And, the Alberta Conservatives are no exception; they consider themselves to own the province outright.  They are the ordained.

Dentistry  is totally funded out of your personal incomes 100%!   This makes up most of the 30% Albertans pay out of pocket for health care.  This is the type of system the Alberta Conservatives are looking for in general medicine.

Obama's efforts to put in a public health care system was defeated by the Health Care Insurance lobby which, has more money than does the US Government.  Americans were subjected to scare tactics involving Socialist Canada amount cameos by people who generally, did not have a clue what they were saying.

Ask yourselves;  If I loose my job will my family still have dental coverage?  The asnwer will be overwhelmingly "NO"!

This brings me to the latest figures by the World Health Organization; totally honest and respectable.

Some figures from their reports:
There are presently 50 million Americans without health care coverage.  Some of these are because they have lost their jobs while most, didn't get coverage with employment in the first place.

Interesting Facts:
In the year 2002 and 2003, Canada had 77 cases of preventable deaths recorded in Medicine where as the US had 110 such cases.

 How long can you expect to live?  In Canada, to 72 years on average and in the US only to 70 years.  Speaks volumes for their health care.

On health care ranking in the world:  Canada is ranked at #30 while the US is Ranked at # 37.  Why would you want to go there?

Other interesting things are in the report.  We pay far less per capata on our public health care system than the US does on its COD system.

Here is a repost of some stats from Alberta's system:

The Capital Health Authority made a list of services to be dropped from Alberta Health care.  This list was patterned after the Oregon Health Care coverage and then, made leaner and meaner.
This Government is still following that list! Putting lipstick on this pig isn’t going to make it better!

Here are some Health care stats to consider:

The average Albertan like myself has paid health care premiums for over 45 years and most of us have never used it, We still pay 30% out of pocket for services not covered by health care, while the younger generation that are statistically bigger users of hospitals are paying nothing toward their possible future health care.

I cheerfully pay premiums knowing that it is the younger generation that are big users of expensive treatments.

Every Albertan admitted to an institution is accurately documented.

-Alberta is chronologically the youngest province in Canada.

-Of all Albertans admitted to hospital, 76.4% were under the age of 65.

-Babies under a year were the most common.

-The average age of hospitalized patients was 39.5 years with half of those being under the age of 36 years. These are not baby boomers.

-Only 10.7% are 65 years or older.

-Some 16.4% of the elderly admitted to hospital died as compared to 3.3% of other patients.

-Over half of the patients admitted to Intensive Care were younger patients who had more done to them and stayed in ICU longer, the most expensive hospital service.

If you people choose to elect a Conservative Government again, you deserve what you are going to get!

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