Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canada Health Act- What it does.

I'm getting questions about why the Canada Health Act is important. Here is a short version.

The Act enables the regulations.

Act does not allow hospitals to take on US insurance patients. This, is exactly why the Conservatives built the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and this is why it was empty for so long.

US Insurance companies have long viewed Canada as being a cheaper place to send their patients mostly because taxpayers pay for building the hospitals and in one way or another, cover the staffing.

The Act states which services are covered in Health Care in Canada. The Conservatives have a long list of services to be delisted from health care but, they need the act opened and changed to do this!

And finally the whole thing stinks! I have used the statement "Our public health care system is about to be changed to private by political chicanery!" because I am very sure the other premiers in Canada were on side with this change. Alberta has done a job on them too!

It remains that if Harper is booted out of office, the process comes to an end. Howeve
r with Layton playing coy on an election, that is to support or not support Harper, I would think he is on side with this program too.

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