Friday, September 11, 2009

Agreement with A conservative- who would have guesed?

Mr. Ken Chapman has commented on a post in the Calgary Herold where I said Alberta Royalty started out as the lowest in the world and then went down from there.

Ken Chapman
September 11, 2009 - 1:50

cyberclark - royalties are rents not taxes. Very different things and all are legitimate charges
citiznes are entitled to as owners of the resources.
Jobs last as long as the companies decide - not us as citizens and
resource owners. Income taxes requires an income and that is not
happening as much these days and commodity prices are volatile so
the owner's revenues are lower.

That is Albertans sharing the risks but we don't seem to get the
full benefits of the rewards we are entitled to in good times.
According to the Auditor General Alberta Energy doesn't have
the manpower or other capacity to calculate the oilsands royalties,
never mind collect them. As for conventional rates,
I get the sense the companies phone it in whenever they feel
like paying. The whole thing is sloppy and citizens are getting screwed.

To make it worse, the PC government just denied the Auditor General the
extra budget this year to finish off his investigation on royalites
to see if Albertans were getting our legal entitlement. The OWNERS
are not amused.
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