Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Alberta trying to change Canada Health Act to De-List Services

Alberta Conservatives have declared their intention to change the Canada Health Act in order to de-list health services.

Meanwhile they have legislation in place to allow US Health Care Companies to sell insurance in Alberta.

Mr. Duckett was hired from Queensland Australia where he was instrumental in bringing the US health coverage companies into Australia. This was called "building partnerships".

The word from Australia is do not let them in; your state coverage is greatly reduced and you cannot get rid of them!

The Canada Health Act must be changed by the Federal Government. If the Conservatives are sitting at the time (between October and December of this year) the Canada Health Act will be changed dramatically by the Conservatives.

The Liberals have made it clear they have no intention of changing the Canada Health Act and have defended it over time. If the Liberals can unseat the Conservatives it will be the end of the Alberta plan.

Now is the time as never before for Alberta to vote Liberal in the next Federal Election!
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