Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alberta Health Care is a National Problem!

Alberta announced they would open the Canada Health Act to make changes allowing them to further privatize medicine in this province!

This is a Federal Jurisdiction. The Feds would have to get the Provinces on board before they would attempt this.

Not one of the Provinces raised an alarm nor did any of the other political parties!

We have pretty much a wall to wall Conservative government in Canada at this time. BC has a government that claims to be Liberal but is every bit as right wing as is the Alberta Tories.

This means all the Provinces are in agreement as are all the political parties!

It follows then we have only the choice to make provincially and nationally who we want dealing our health care and our NAFTA.

I include NAFTA in this article because trucks are moving loads of water in bulk to the US now and it is against Canadian law.

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