Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heritage Savings and Trust robbed by Conservatives.

The Alberta Conservatives today announced we would loose a billion dollars from the Heritage and Trust fund because of the economic climate.

Such Crap! An example of misplaced trust!
16,000,000,000 dollars divided by 3,512,368 Albertans is 4555.00 each!

This is after 30 years of pouring millions and billions into it!

This Government has over the years robbed the Heritage Trust fund of 90% of its profit using those profits from the investments in their General Revenue disbursements. This leaves in the trust most of the actual deposits.

In effect our Heritage and Savings Trust Fund has not only been robbed blind but the misappropriated funds have been used to reduce royalty rates on the tar sands! A double hit for Albertan losses!

Why Albertans persist in backing this crew is beyond me! Is it a religious; cult relationship? Or, more than likely Albertans are just poorly informed and stupid.
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