Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Alberta's New Water pipelines

Alberta Conservatives continue to press ahead with the privatization of Alberta Water. Reading the PR articles listed would have you believe there is a huge benevolent water program coming on board. This is simply not the case!

In reality the people along this line will not be allowed to use well water. There is a good probability they will not be able to use for free the water out of their dug outs. On the pipeline they are on the meter. It is only a case of when the other shoe will fall!

This Government paying 90% of anything means only the taxpaer picks up 90% now and the project is turned over to an insider at 1 cent on a dollar value!

The 142-km project involves building a pipeline from Stettler water treatment plant through Halkirk, Coronation, Castor, Veteran and Consort. The upgrading will allow communities to discard using well water of questionable quality for a better and more reliable source of water. Besides the obvious benefits to residents, the upgrading is expected to provide an economic development boost.

The provincial government is picking up 90 per cent of the cost of the waterline, which is the first phase of a long-term plan to improve water supplies in eastern Central Alberta. A second phase would extend the pipeline to the Hamlet of Compeer, near the Saskatchewan border. Future lines could feed the Buffalo Lake area, Ferintosh and other communities
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