Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alberta's New Deal-Good for Everyone is a Farce!

The Conservatives rip off of Alberta resource continues.

Today’s figures of 66.10 per bbl US and exchange at 81.46% the following tar sands
Numbers would be:

1.5 million Bbls per day production times 66.10 US is 99.15 million dollars US total

Royalty taken under our old agreement would be 25%, US dollars or $24,787,500 US

Royalty today under the Conservatives new deal returns 19% Canadian or $ $20,191,897.50 C

That is a loss per day to Albertans and Canadians of $4,846,055.
That is a loss per year to Albertans and Canadians of $1,768,810,221 Canadian. (1.76 Billion)

The new deal is a farce and the complaints against it are a floor show.
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