Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alberta bleeding money into the Oil coffers!

Alberta's "new deal" rip off as follows:
Tar sands production 1.6 million bbl/dayCanadian/US Exchange at 19.9%
Price of bbl oil NY US$ is 67.16
At current US dollars and our original 25% royalty these numbers would return 16.79 per barrelor 26.864 million dollars per day in US Funds.

At the current rates of 19% the same numbers will only return 12.76 per barrel. At US dollars this would be 20.4016 million dollars per day US less exchange 20% leaves 16.321 millions per day Candian dollars.

Alberta taxpayers are short on today's figure only 6.4624 million dollars US or 8.116 milion dollars
Wait until Iris Evans tells you she has to tap the Heritage Trust still again because it is her rainy day month.

This is Alberta's new royalty deal in action!
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