Thursday, March 20, 2008

Man could face jail for venting.

Man could get 5 years for venting against the Premiers office!

This Government has gone through more than a dozen years of lying, cheating and conniving as they rip this province apart, selling it for pennies on the dollar of value.

When an individual feels his life has hit a wall and his future is destroyed by this Government’s irresponsible policies the Government adds “Bully” to its list of habits.

This Government who uses the police forces and if need be the army to enforce an industrial agenda are only too happy to play their bully role in the courts. No folks, this isn’t China!

After crooking the electoral system so they continue to win majorities with only 22 percent of the vote (too regular to be random) it is a small wonder they are not facing a full fledged armed uprising!

John Clark
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